Tuesday, June 25, 2013

St. Mary's

Life is, as you all know from your own experience, CRAZY busy! Every time I think it's going to slow down, something else pops out of nowhere and I start all over...and I wouldn't have it any other way (though I'm not going to lie...I would like to have a nap every once in a while...).

About two weeks ago the Elders and Sisters had P-day on a Tuesday, and Dillon had off, so the 6 of us took off to explore St. Mary's. We stopped to find a place for lunch. I went and asked they guy who ran the Army Surplus store his suggestion of a local favorite. We ended up at a cute little Italian restaurant called Pauly's. AMAZING!! Of course, after the meal, whether due to the antibiotics I was on (from that little nail in the foot), the tetanus shot (same reason), or the spicy marinara, I had a meltdown...literally!! I was so hot!! Luckily, I have great friends who took great care of me and fanned me so I didn't die, pass out, or melt completely.

After lunch, we were off to the submarine museum. When we arrived, it was swarming with men in uniform. I'm sorry, but you have to admit there is something wonderful about that. We all enjoyed looking around at everything, but I'm pretty sure the highlight was goofing off in the display model/simulator (can someone please give me the correct word there???). See??

Our group of submariners!! Such a fun day!!

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