Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tender Mercy

Today's tender mercy actually happened yesterday, but I figured three posts in the same day was just a bit overkill, even for me.

Yesterday my boss asked me to send out an urgent package. We had visitors at work and I knew I couldn't leave until they left, and they decided to run two hours late. So, the visit that should have ended around 2:00 didn't end until 4:00, and then I had to clean up their lunch. I figured that, worst case scenario, I could leave around 4:30 and still make it to the shipping store to meet the 5:00 pickup. So that's what I did...except it didn't happen like that. The store I thought was open until 5:00 turns out to only be open until 4:00, and the other store that will take UPS has their last shipment at 4:00...and did I mention this was an urgent package that HAD to go out yesterday??

I knew there was a drop box back in the center of town scheduled for a 5:00 pick up, but it was five minutes to 5:00 and there was no way of knowing if I could actually make it. In a moment of frustration I decided just to take it to Staples and let it go out this morning (I think the words in my head were "it is what it is"). I had tried my best to get this out and that was going to have to do.

I pulled in the parking lot, jumped out of my car, grabbed my box (did I mention it was also pretty heavy?), and headed for the doors. As I was walking toward the store, a customer was walking out and started laughing. I was confused, then he looked at me and said it looked like I was just in time. Even more confused, I look at him with a puzzled look and he points behind me. Behold, the cavalry had arrived!! There was a UPS truck that was pulling right up to the doors. They weren't even stopping there, just passing through, but they were kind enough to take my box and get it on its way!!

This was a seemingly insignificant event, but after a stressful day, in the middle of a very stressful week, the prospect of not getting that package out was causing me a little angst. In my little world and furing that moment of frustration, Heavenly Father sent me exactly what I needed at that moment. Sometimes His tender mercies are a smile from someone, or a call from a friend. And then other times it is a big, brown UPS truck.

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