Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing Mom - Day 5

Wednesday was a travel day. I went to...
New Hampshire!
I went to see my friend Heather and her cute daughter (I was so bummed I missed her husband and son!). We had such a fun visit and enjoyed catching up.
I also just loved the drive! Look at this glorious greenery that isn't a pine tree.
I also got to go and visit with my friend Jenny and her cute daughter (I love having friends with cute kids!!) Unfortunately I have no actual proof of either visit, but it was such a fun time catching up.

The clouds started rolling in as I got back into town. It made the temperature drop like crazy!!
And it also made the waves pick up on the beach.
Little man had baseball that night. Here he is practicing!

I was FREEZING cold during this time. Notice the kids above in simple long sleeve shirts and even that one kid in shorts?? Even the other adults were wearing only a windbreaker at most. What was I wearing?
Try three layers of clothing and the ever fashionable double-folded quilt...and I was STILL cold. By the end of the game the blanket was also over my head. LM came over and asked if I was warm enough and was going to try to find me something else to keep warm if I needed it. I just love being taken care of.
This was one of the nights that I really learned what being a parent is. I was SOOO tired, but he was wound up from the game and at 9:30 (bedtime is 8) he is still awake and bouncing off the walls. For some ridiculous reason I was EXHAUSTED and just wanted to go to bed. I told him he could sit up and read for 10 more minutes while I tidied up the kitchen and then it would be lights out. When I came upstairs and turned off the lights, he was NOT happy. He was definitely still too hyper to sleep. But I asked him to lay down and turned the lights off. I went to my room and just had this nagging feeling from the Spirit that I hadn't handled that well at all. I got my PJ's on and went back downstairs. All I wanted was to climb into my bed and drift off to sleep, but I took that walk. I knocked on his door and went in and laid next to him. I apologized for turning the lights out when he was still so hyper. I asked if I could read him a story to help settle him down. He LOVED that idea. He picked a book and he snuggled right next to me as I read. When I finished, I told him I loved him, tucked him in, and he was asleep before I was out of the room.
I was so glad I had that prompting to go back and try again. It was in that moment that I learned first hand how it isn't about was about him! I am so glad for that experience!

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