Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Sure Foundation

This talk was given by Dean M. Davies on Saturday morning. He begins his talk by relating his experience in the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay area in 1989. He shared that there were particular apartment buildings that had been constructed on a landfill and therefore did not have a sure foundation.

He said, “The Loma Prieta earthquake impacted many lives, including my own. Pondering the events of that day reaffirms in my mind and heart that in order to successfully withstand the tempests, earthquakes, and calamities of life, we must build upon a sure foundation.”
With the bombings in Boston and the earthquakes in Oklahoma, Iran, and Pakistan this week, and with everything else that is and will continue to, bombard us, we must be sure we are built on a solid foundation, and if we are not, we need to work quickly to repair any unsure areas.

A few things I made note of:
1.       If we are built on the rock we WILL NOT fall! Be cautious and aware of where we’re building.

2.       Daily prayer, scripture study, temple participation, etc., are the material building blocks. The exclusion of these things, in part or in all, will make us and our foundations weak.

3.       Our spirits and souls will be renewed as we study and pray DAILY.

4.       The Spirit acts as a type of mortar. It brings things of importance to our remembrance and acts as an anchor to Jesus Christ and will keep us grounded.

Read the full message here.

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