Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Messed Up and New Finds

I'm frustrated with myself today. I slipped up and found myself doing the very thing I'm trying to break the habit of. I had made it over a month and I screwed up! I h-a-t-e when I do that. I mean, why can I make it so long and then just one day do it and not really think about it until it's already "too late"? I feel so disappointed in myself. I have good intentions, I've looked at what I consider to be my "triggers", I make sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do (because I've found in other items in my life that I try to do (or not do), I succeed if I'm on track spiritually.

I'm currently on track to read the Standard Works cover to cover. In addition to reading from the Old Testament (where I'm currently at), I also try to read a chapter or two from the Book of Mormon. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. It truly brings me peace and seems to give me power to overcome things in my life (challenges, habits, feelings, whatever). Last night, I went through my nightly routine, but it had gotten late and I figured since I had said my prayers and I had read my 7 chapters from the Bible that I would just skip one night. And today I allow myself to get off track...seriously?? A months work down the drain. This tells me that I CANNOT skip reading from the Book of Mormon. I'm finding more and more that I need to be close to the Spirit to make right decisions and stick to them and that is one thing that does bring me close to the Father. I need to make sure I'm praying morning and night. I need to make sure that everything else on my "should" list is done, not because I should, but because I want to. I want these results.

So now I'm back at ground zero. 12 hours into my quest to break a habit forever...again. And seriously, I don't e-v-e-r want to have to feel this disappointment in myself (though I know there will be other areas for that to happen in). I want to be better and to stick to my guns. If I tell myself I will do something...I will. If I tell myself I won't do something, I won't - end of story. Got it, self?? (Yes, I talk to myself)

Now, on to a few new finds. I am a muncher. I love to munch on lots of different snacks. Fiber One recently came out with a new chocolaty cereal that only has 80 calories per serving. I don't count calories (which is probably something I should be more serious about - eh, maybe next time), but I do try to be mindful about what I put in my body. And when something that actually tastes good, is chocolaty AND crunchy and touts ONLY 80 calories, I'm all over it! Get some!! I'm just sad I found it 8 days before I start my "no chocolate" month. But oh the glorious reunion on March 1!!

Also, I've recently developed an affinity for Greek yogurt. I used to eat Yoplait, but they and I are having texture issues currently and it makes me gag. I got brave and tried Chobani brand Greek yogurt...yum! (it's the only one worth eating if you ask me - all others are, well, yuck!)  They have these great little four-packs called Chobani Bite. They are the perfect little snack and come in the two best flavors: raspberry with chocolate pieces and caramel with pineapple chunks. I'm addicted!! Also, I tried their banana yogurt. I was a little skeptical, but I stirred it up and spread it on my pancakes (as opposed to my typical peanut butter and syrup). DE-LIC-OUS! And if you need a little extra flavor, a smidgen of blueberry syrup on top of that is AMAZING! Just saying...
And my inner Italian (I'm 0 part Italian...just lived in Boston and claim their Italian) is completely in love with Biscotti! Thanks to a coworker I can't get enough of these little guys. I buy a box or two at a time and go perfect with my breakfast drink on the go in the morning. I used to hate the flavor of anise (black licorice), but I'm loving it now. :)
*I just ran spell check on Biscotti: it suggested either biscuit or Scottie - but not Biscotti. Silly Blogger.

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