Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Truth of It All

So I have this blog for the world to see,
But the person I’m writing for most is me.
I vent my frustration and share my joy,
I pretend to be bold, yet I feel timid and coy.

As things happen I downplay the pain
Hoping that somehow my life it won’t stain
I try to be happy; try to hide it away,
But my heart keeps on hurting, day after day.

I beat myself up and try to make sense
Of decisions I’ve made, it makes me feel tense.
The people I thought would be part of my life
Are the people I’ve hurt, and it causes me strife.

I try to keep busy and push thoughts aside
Until I think clearly; my tears, they have dried.
One day I’ll look back and undoubtedly know,
These were the times I learned how to grow.

To focus on others, to learn how to love,
To enjoy life and what it consists of.
To follow the Savior, in good times and bad,
To repent and be clean, there’s no need to feel sad.

And so the journey it continues to move
My thoughts and actions I will work to improve.
The temptations I’ve given into in the past
Serve as reminders to move ahead fast.

I know who I am and I know what I want
I do not lay these goals out to flaunt.
You see what I want is to happily be
With all that I love; for eternity.

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