Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Day 21: The Book of Mormon

I am so grateful for The Book of Mormon. I'm ashamed to say that over the summer I got a little lax in my scripture study and found myself going days without even looking at it. But sometime in August something struck me that part of the reason I was having a hard time making some decisions and receiving answers to prayers was that I wasn't searching and studying the scriptures like I needed to.
I love the power I feel each time I read The Book of Mormon. The feeling I have the minute I open it's pages is incredibly peaceful, it's almost indescribable. I love the power I feel to resist temptation and sin as I consistently study. As I've delved back in and have tried to get back into a routine (and honestly I'm still working that out, but I'm making great progress), I feel more at peace - like everything in my life is on an even keel. As I posted a couple of months ago, I went through a period of time in which I felt completely out of control of my life. I was trying to make decisions that I didn't need to make, just to feel like I was in charge of something. Hindsight is 20/20 (boy, I'm learning that's true) and I realized that during this time when I needed the most help, I wasn't reading my scriptures.
I've heard over and over in my life that if you want to talk to God, pray; if you want God to talk to you, read the scriptures. I can trace to changes that have come into my life over the last couple of months to getting back on track, to spending more time studying the scriptures.
The promises and blessings that come from reading The Book of Mormon are incredible and real! As a child I relied on the testimony of others regarding this. As a teenager I had my own experiences, I prayed to know if it was true and received a spiritual confirmation that indeed, it is. As an adult, I continue to strengthen my testimony by studying the teachings therein and applying them to my life.
So, have you read The Book of Mormon? If you haven't, will you (click here to learn more)? If you have, have you prayed about it in earnest to know whether it is true? I can tell you from my experience that every time I pray with sincerity to know whether the things I've read are true, I feel the Holy Ghost confirm to my mind AND heart that it is true, that it is the word of God. I'm grateful to have this in my life!

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