Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun on the Fire

My brother and his family came to visit tonight. They had a nice fire built by the time I finally managed to get off work (once you hit a good stride you don't just quit). We roasted hot dogs and sausages, so good! But let's face it, it's all about the dessert. Two things we did tonight that I HIGHLY recommend...when assembling your s'more, put peanut butter on one side of your graham cracker before you add everything else. If you like peanut butter, you won't be disappointed. If you don't like peanut butter, you may make an exception.
The second thing you should do is buy a bag of Starburst candies. Put them on your skewers and roast over the fie. Watch them, the will just melt if you don't keep them moving. Let them cool just a bit, it will blister you if you're not careful (trust me, voice of experience on this one). Enjoy!!

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