Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow Time

Friday morning I got a phone call at 6:30 AM. It was Lori telling me that I should get up right away since it had snowed the night before and it was going to take some time to clean off my car. I looked out my window and saw about an inch of snow...not too shabby. Since it was only an inch, I decided that wearing snow boots would be quite overrated, so I settled on wearing one of my regular pair of flats. I got outside and cleaned my car off (good thing I took the extra inch of fluffy snow that brushed right off followed by a layer of solid ice I had to scrape off) with no problem. 

Driving to work took much longer than expected. One of the lanes on I-15 hadn't been plowed (how do you plow the other three but not the last one??) and the other lanes, though mostly clear, were a little slick. We maxed our speed for the journey at 20 miles an hour...hello 35 minute commute. The closer I got to my office, the more snow I realized they had. I spent the drive talking to my dad and as I was walking in to the building, I realized I had a problem. Where Provo (only 10 miles away) had 1 inch of snow, American Fork had received 6 inches...and I didn't wear my snow boots. It was a very cold, snowy and wet walk into the building, and dad had a good laugh at me. 

Here is a picture of our lovely Friday surprise.'s March. Aren't we supposed to be done with this??

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