Saturday, March 17, 2012

On the Radio

I went through this very strange phase about a year ago. It started one night and I was driving home from the temple with a few friends. We were approaching an intersection and a car coming the opposite direction turned right in front of the car in the lane next to us and BAM...accident! I pulled over, along with another vehicle. The guy in the other car checked the people in the accident while I called 911. Within a few moments, the police were on the scene (thankfully no one was injured) and we were on our way.
The next day, I was driving to work and I saw two more accidents. Over the next 6 days I would see 7 car accidents, though only a witness to one.
Just after this week of horror (seriously, it makes you question your judgement to leave your house with this kind of record) we were driving home from something else and our friend, Shelly, introduced us to "the radio game". You ask a question and then randomly select a radio station. You must find a song, but you listen to the lyrics and derive an answer. In this particular instance, it was my turn to come up with a question. With the events of that previous week in mind, I asked "Will we make it home alive?" Lori pushed the radio button and the song that came on, and the lyrics we heard first were "Take my breath away". It was at that moment I started paying a LOT more attention to the road because all signs indicated that we wouldn't make it.
Try the game sometime. Some favorite questions as of late have been:
Q: "Will Cristy really move?"
A: "I'm already there" (AKA - yes)
Q: "Where will Lori serve a mission?"
A: "(Spanish music station)" (Somewhere Spanish speaking)

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