Friday, February 17, 2012

The Attack on the Lusitania

Add this to the list of recently read...The Attack on the Lusitania tells the story of one of the largest and fastest luxury liners. On its journey home to England, with just shy of 2,000 people on board, a German sub attacked. It took only 18 minutes to sink such a large ship and nearly two-thirds of the passengers and crew lost their lives on this fateful day in 1915. 
The first part of this book moves a little slow as the author is building each of the characters story. Soon, the lives of three strikingly different characters is intertwined in this tragic story. Something I learned from this book was that people are people, no matter what, and each is important.Also, that forgiveness is truly the key to happiness. The main characters come from different classes in different countries, and in some instances with misguided ideas, but the concern each person shows for the other is evident as the story progresses.

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