Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three Things I Should Remember About My Job

Working in Human Resources is a lot of fun. Granted, there are days when it really isn’t enjoyable at all. Like the times you have to tell someone they no longer have a job, or that they stink and they need to take better care of themselves. But there are times when it is really fun. Like when I get to offer someone a new job or a promotion, or when I get to do nice things for the employees, just because. There are three things, though, that I would do well to remember.
1.     1.  People take me at my word. Something about the title of HR makes people want to believe everything you say. In my personal life, I have a way of making up answers to questions I don’t know (in a joking manner…once I have someone believing my made up answer I always let them know I don’t have a clueJ). In my professional life, I also find myself making up answers, but no one really appreciates the confession at the end when I say I don’t know.
2.     2.  Don’t send cryptic messages. I sent an email to a gentleman late in the workday and asked if he was in the office. Thanks to his out of office message I learned that he wasn’t and I didn’t think anything else of it. When I came in the next morning, I had an email from him. He was so panicked that HR needed to meet with him. I assured him that everything was fine and asked him to come and meet with me. In the meantime, his supervisor forwarded me a note from this gentleman asking if he knew what the meeting was about. He stated that he was concerned and then, my favorite part of all, “I don’t think I’ve said anything to offend anyone”.
3.     3.  People just want to have fun! I don’t care how old you are, deep down (and for some people it is DEEEEEEP down) everyone likes to have fun. I have some quirky ideas for work activities that I’m just sure people aren’t going to enjoy just because all I ever see is the “work” side of people, but I still proceed with them and I’m surprised at the turnout we get. Have fun, people!  Life is way too short to be taken so seriously.

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