Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Goal

Well, I made it 31 days in a row with my "year of posts" challenge. It has been fun to come up with things to put on here; some thoughts I want recorded for future use, and other things "just because". I've realized just how much I love to write! If I have the right audience and/or the right topic, there's just no stopping me. However, I have realized just how much time I spend blogging these days. Granted, I'm recording things that I do want to remember later, so it's not really a bad thing, but I'm going to shift my focus just a bit. I've decided to edit my goal (because, well, it is my goal) and commit to blogging at least once a week. Of course, if I have something to say, I'll post more frequently.
And before I go...can we all take a moment to watch January slip away...where did it go?!?! I'm shocked that we're already heading into February.

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