Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm back at work, white (and blue, but mostly white) walls and terrible fluorescent lights. My desk looks like a bomb dropped on it or a tornado whipped through. I look at my calendar to make sure I haven't missed anything (or won't miss anything in the next 24 hours). I glance to next week and see that we have our company outing, which I know is coming and I'm relieved that I have almost 2 whole weeks before it even happens. I'm calm and know that if I can have just a couple of hours in the morning, my desk will get organized, I can listen to my voice mails and everything will be fine.
5 minutes later - good feeling gone. NEWSFLASH! The company outing has been moved to Thursday - only 2 1/2 days away now. The desk and messages will have to wait.

Okay, so it's not that bad. Out of all of the things I do, this is one of the easiest. The timing is just a bit off, but I guess it's a good adjustment to being back in the office after last week.
My resolve - I will not panic or stress. I will remain calm and organized (whatever that is) and, my famous last words, everything will be fine.

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