Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Utah - day 4

Well - we're almost to the half way point in the trip - I can't believe how incredibly fast it is going! I feel quite a bit like a slacker; I had planned on going to classes with Lori, but haven't yet. Today I actually feel a lot of regret for not going, a situation I plan to remedy tomorrow (maybe).
Yesterday was such a laid back day. I look back now and I don't think I have ANYTHING to show for it. Actually I take that back, and I'll explain in a bit. I took Lori up to campus and then I came home and started to 'work'. I had real work to do, but my work computer would not connect to my personal computer, so my attempts yesterday were in vain. After her class I picked her up and we came back to the apartment. She did her homework (good girl) and I tried to be quiet so she could. She had another class in the afternoon and after they were over we went to the mall for lunch. I had an Arby's sandwich-I don't know what my problem is, but I L-O-V-E their food. Then we went shopping. Part of the purpose of this trip was to find a dress. I can't seem to find very good ones back home and this was the perfect opportunity. Lori and I tried on dresses for almost an hour. Lori bought this awesome and gorgeous green dress and I actually lucked out and found 2 dresses. I really wanted something springy and pick - but no luck - oh well, maybe next time.
Lori had to work last night and so I had more time to myself. I occupied myself by cleaning the kitchen and watching movies. Today I think I will try to find some sort of crafty thing to do while she is away. If not, I could take one more peaceful evening with some movies.
Yesterday certainly was certainly not super exciting, but it was an easy going day - and that is what I call a vacation.

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