Friday, October 10, 2008

Coming Home

There are two things that I absolutely love coming home to after a long day at work. Ok, who’s kidding? I love coming home to these ANYDAY! The first is our dog – until there’s a real man in my life – he’s it, and he knows it. Who wouldn’t love a little demanding creature whose only desire is for you to sit and hold him and keep him warm?

The second thing I love is…slocks! Never heard of them? Let me introduce you!
By my definition – Slocks: part slipper, part sock. I first found a pair of these at the Kittery Outlets in Maine. I foolishly paid $15 for the first pair, but when I put them on for the first time, I knew that it had been well worth it. On the next trip up, I put in my order for 2 more pairs in different colors. I lucked out on that trip because they were on sale for $9! Anyway, I’ve been completely addicted to them! I wear them everywhere I can: work, store, home…you get the idea. SIDENOTE– I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the rain – made that mistake yesterday.
Okay, so the point of my ramblings?? I was at Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday – just leisurely strolling through the aisles when something catches my eyes. What was it you may ask?? An entire display of slocks!!! They had them in every color, design and texture. There were fuzzy one’s, striped one’s, even one’s that sparkled. What a find! I began making my selections when reality set in and I decided I should probably find a price first. Only $5.99, can you believe it? With that I grabbed four and went on my way. Life is good!

The only thing that makes either one of these things better is to have them both together – like they are now. I have warm feet and... a warm leg – until the dog moves.

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