Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Discover the book!

Have you ever tasted something so incredibly delicious that you just HAD to share it with EVERYONE!! It didn't matter who it was. If you could get someones attention you had to tell them how good it was! You hear the person at the table across from you order the same item and you lean over and tell them they made an absolutely AMAZING choice because you've already tasted it and you know just how good it really is!!

I've been that person, and I've also had people try to share amazing things with me. There have been times (especially in my really picky phase) that people would try to share an incredible treat with me, but because I was afraid of some of the ingredients, or because I wasn't familiar with what was really in it, I wouldn't even take a taste. And really, what was the worst thing that could have happened? I could have taken a bite, hated it, and spit it out (which, incidentally, is EXACTLY what happened with sushi). But I did try it. In recent history, as people have recommended food to me I have at least sampled it. In almost all cases I end up liking it to one degree or another (I tried frog legs on Saturday...didn't love them - they tasted like fishy-chicken!). Regardless of if I really love it, only tolerate it, or completely despise it, I'm grateful that someone wanted to share what they had with me. 

There is something else in my life that I love even more than food! It's The Book of Mormon!! There are people who, like me, think it is TOTALLY amazing because we have "tasted" it! There are others who feel indifferent, and there are those who are afraid of what may be inside or who are afraid (like me with sushi) that you may actually end up liking it one day and what that might mean (sushi, to me, is an expensive habit - I'm okay if I don't end up loving it any time soon). :)

Inside this book I find another testimony of Jesus Christ. I learn more of His teachings, His ministry, of His love for all of His children. This is a record of the people who lived on the American continent before, during, and after Christ's earthly ministry. Just as was prophesied that a new star would appear at the time of Jesus' birth, so it was prophesied in the America's. 

Signs were also prophesied about His crucifixion. After He was crucified, the risen Lord not only appeared to the people in Jerusalem, Galilee, and other areas, but He also visited the people in the America's!

As I read and study both the Bible and the Book of Mormon I gain clearer insight and understanding! They work together to testify of Jesus Christ. They work together to bring all men, women, and children to a knowledge of His love, sacrifice, and mission to bring each of us eternal life. But we have to be willing to take the first step.

So, here is my invitation for you to try something new! I invite you to "taste", as it were, the most delicious treat EVER! One of my most favorite chapters in The Book of Mormon is 3 Nephi 11. This is the chapter in which Christ appears to the Nephites (the people who lived on the American continent). I love the feeling of peace that I get as I read about Christ descending out of Heaven and into the midst of the people. I hope as you sample it that you enjoy it as much as I do. If you'd like a free copy of The Book of Mormon, leave me a message!


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