Monday, May 12, 2014

This and That

Since my last couple of posts I've found that I don't have much to say on the blog. Part of it may be out of fear for exposing that side of myself, though it is the more minor side of myself (what do I say now??). Part of it is the reality that yes, I am imperfect and that is PERFECTLY normal! We all have issues of some kind. Some people face their demons publicly...others in the quiet moments of their lives. Since writing these things down, reading other blogs and articles, and listening to uplifting talks, I've discovered peace. It truly has come as I've turned to Jesus Christ. It is through Him that I am able to accept my imperfections, to strive daily to do a little better, and to pick myself up again and again as I inevitably fall. That is incredible!

On a lighter note, we celebrated Mother's day yesterday. Lori and I decided to splurge on one BIG gift for the entire family this year. It was going to be given as a Mother's day gift, but instead we gifted it on Friday night as an early Mother's/Father's/Birthday for everyone. Each person got to open an envelope containing a ticket to the Celtic Thunder concert in Jacksonville in November! We're all just a little excited about this. Have you heard of them? Check out a couple of my favorites! We're groupies!!

Ahh, sigh, amazing!! Have an amazing week everyone! Check back soon for some fun posts of some upcoming activities!

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