Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and the Challenge to Become

"How on earth is she going to tie these two things together?"

I'm SO glad you asked!!

I was working on my computer the other night and was trying to come up with a Halloween post idea. I'm not going trick or treating, I don't have kids or pets to dress up, and I was going to claim that I don't have time to decorate my apartment, but I'm just sort of lost in getting this place to feel like a home I haven't really considered seasonal decorating. Unlike holidays like Christmas or Easter, Halloween doesn't have a religious tie. So I made it my mission to tie it out and I came up with it (or more correctly the Spirit did and I was just blessed).

On Halloween, we (or the people we know) dress up in costume and pretend to be something or someone they are not. The less you look like you, the better. We hide ourselves and do all we can to take on this alternate identity, if only for a night.

As I contemplated this pattern, I thought of our task to BECOME (my favorite word again) who and what the Lord wants us to be. Along our way, we put on "costumes" of who WE want to become. Sometimes we may only add a hat, a goofy shirt, or even add many layers, but regardless of what we wear, our loving Heavenly Father knows who we really are and ultimately what we can BECOME if we turn to Him! It isn't until we remove the costumes we've put on ourselves that we get to see who we really are.

I'm still in the process of becoming. I've gone through a LOT of different costumes. I've tried several of what I thought I wanted to be, I've tried a couple of what others thought I should be, but it wasn't until I hit a rocky patch that I decided it was time to remove everything and try to be the "me" He had in mind! And you know what? It's the most freeing feeling in the world!

So, this Halloween as you try on different costumes, give a thought or two to what you're currently "wearing" and if you should consider trying a different outfit!

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