Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Life in Pictures

These are just a few things I've collected on my phone over the last two weeks that I think are worth sharing!
The sunlight streaming through the clouds this day was incredible! It was one of those moments that made me feel that Heaven was closer than I sometimes think.
I was driving home from work and got stopped by the train. Apparently this guy did too and his horse WASN'T happy about it! I was certain he was going to be bucked off, but he did well. Made me think of being back in Amish Country.

Mom and dad took me to dinner for my birthday. I thought this was a pretty good fortune. As it would turn out, I would get a text that would start the whole process of me moving into my own place. While I don't believe the fortune cookie has anything to do with the blessings I receive from a loving Heavenly Father, I will accept the reminder that all good gifts come from Him. 

I think I saved this from Facebook but it makes me so happy! This year I've focused on BECOMING the woman I want to be. I was really just trying to make my life better, to live in harmony, to feel worth something, but I found this happiness. When we strive to become we focus on our gifts and talents (or maybe strive to find these things within ourselves). Those come from God and in this effort we find that we come closer to Him. That wasn't necessarily the goal at the beginning of the year, but it has been a WONDEFUL byproduct! I'm far from finished, but I'm so much further down the road to BECOMING who I want to be, and who I feel the Lord needs me to be.

At the YSA conference we spent all of our time (minus sleeping time at the hotel) at a Stake Center across from the temple. When we would leave at night, this was the view! So BEAUTIFUL!

Lori sent me a cactus for my birthday! Not only will it not hurt me, I likely won't kill it as I would a live plant! She's so thoughtful (and knows me too well).

Another pic from the conference. They had a luau on Saturday night complete with hula dancers and the guy who does the fire sticks (anyone want to enlighten me on what they are actually called??). It was AWESOME!!

And because I just LOVE the temple, one more night shot. I snuck out of the dance on Saturday evening because I knew we would need gas before we came home. So, to save stopping on Sunday I went and took care of it then. Any chance to see the temple is worth it! So wonderful!

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