Thursday, June 27, 2013

YSA Service Project

Somewhere in the middle of our grand adventures, there were other adventures, like this one, for example! We had the YSA service project down in Brunswick for all of the Young Single Adults in the Kingsland Stake. We were hopeful for a large turnout. Instead, there were 6 of us...and 2 leaders. It was still fun though. I learned that I don't play well by other people's rules (sorry, no need for teams when there are only 6 people...though I fear I may have been just a little too abrupt for this group. I'm usually so mild was quite unlike me). I also learned that Laura Beth and I may a great team and can outwork the boys without even breaking a sweat.
We went to the Marshes of was lovely. It was a beautiful day, there was a cool breeze, and a complete lack of biting insects. In essence, it was perfect!
Here is Laura Beth sporting the safety vest. We had to have one person in every group wear one and she took one for our team (though we never got near enough to the road to need least I don't think so).

We found some really interesting thing...a ginormous rat trap, a shoe, LOTS of vodka bottles, plastic children's toys, and glass bottles that had been in ocean so long they started growing things..

We got to cross the big bridge. It was beautiful!!

Laura Beth being goofy...2 points for keeping your eyes on the road!! :)

By the way, Laura Beth is getting ready to leave on a mission in about 3 weeks. For the record, I'm happy for her and incredibly proud of her, but I'm NOT okay with this. I finally made a friend my age...and she's leaving. She is going to be such a great missionary!! Hopefully by the time she comes home, we'll have a mega group of YSA's and we'll have one truly spectacular service project...or party...when she comes home!

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