Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 8

My last full day in Boston was less like playing mom, and more like being a tourist. It was really fun. I took myself to Panera which is probably not as cool as it sounds, but I used to go there a LOT and I haven't been to one in over three years. So, more than anything it was just a walk down memory lane (and I won't even mention that it was slightly disappointing - in the years since I've learned to make some really awesome sandwiches, but now I know).

I wanted to bring back a souvenir. They suggested that I collect sea glass along the beach...and that's exactly what I did. Look at my stash!! It was really interesting!

I learned another great lesson while I was on this search. You really do find what you are looking for. I had walked over that beach a few times while we lived there and I never noticed the sea glass. I was usually looking for shells (more like I was looking to avoid stepping on them), or taking in the scenery and I walked right over this stuff. In life, we do the same thing. If we look for the negative, we will find the negative. But if we look for the positive, we will find positive and goodness all around us. I've been working on this specifically as I have come home and have had to jump back into some situations that I would rather not have to be in. But they are a part of my life right now and I'm looking for the positive. It hasn't made anything go away, but I'm seeing the blessings and lessons now as a positive thing for me, rather than the negative of having to deal with it all.

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