Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Best Life

Today has been one of the best days ever!! I'm not only living "the good life", I'm living "the BEST life"!! And it's only 4 PM...can you imagine how great the next several hours are going to be??

Already today I got to meet my counterpart that works in Savannah...she is AWESOME!! I just love her and I'm so grateful the company hired her. She and I and the accounting manager get along so well, it's ridiculous!! She came to town today and she and I got the full tour of the plant that I work at. I've been here 9 months and finally saw the inner workings of this place. I thought my company was cool I think we are even MORE cool, if that's even possible. We can take a tree and turn it into a pellet in less than two days! Crazy!! We drove all over the place, saw (and heard...WOW) all of the machinery, and climbed to the very top to see the whole thing.

Also, today is Administrative Professionals day. It was my first day to have such a title on this day, so the company took her and I out to lunch...and since it was "our" day we elected to have just the three of us go. Nothing against anyone else, but we were having way too much fun!

This summer I get to participate in the Southeastern YSA conference that kicks off this Sunday and runs with monthly events that will culminate in August at the end of the conference in Orlando. I'm so excited about this!! I've never been into YSA activities, but that was before I lived in a place where there were NO activities. I'm in serious need of people to do things with. I'm so glad this is happening this summer!!

And if that isn't enough to be happy and excited about, I get to go to institute tonight...we haven't met in several weeks due to scheduling conflicts (there are only two of us plus the teacher, so if one person is out it pretty much nixes it for the rest of us) and I'm really excited to get together again!

See?? Best life ever!

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