Friday, April 12, 2013

April 11, 2013

April 11th has come and gone again. If you haven’t already heard, April 11th is my favorite day and my very own, self-proclaimed, personal holiday. I just wanted to have a day that didn’t already have something on it just to celebrate for no really good reason. It’s become quite the tradition for myself, but each year I seem to forget its coming and don’t celebrate like I used to. Oh well, I still LOVE it!!

I ended up working a fourteen hour day which leaves very little time for celebrating. I treated myself to a healthy lunch at home with my dad and we had a nice little chat. That evening I also treated myself, this time not so healthy! I have been doing really well at my new eating habits, and that includes no Dunkin runs. For work I had to make two trips to Dunkin Donuts and decided that for dinner I would splurge and have a bagel and cream cheese. It has been so long, and it was SOOOO good, but I likely won’t do that again anytime soon (I didn’t miss it that much!). After that I went home and walked my five miles, played a game with mom AND dad (best day EVER!!) and then called it a night.
One thing I did do yesterday was a little blog stalking. I found the blog of a couple I graduated high school went. They’ve moved out of country since and have three kids and recently adopted the sweetest little boy from Ethiopia. Oh my goodness!! My heart just goes crazy when I read of these children in orphanages around the world and I want so badly to help and to bring as many children home as possible. I hate feeling so helpless when there are so many children who need a home and a little love! It renewed my desire to one day adopt children…in a BIG way!

Now it’s 6:30 AM and I’ve already been going for two hours…another LONG day, a mirror image of yesterday – 5 dozen donuts, 4 gallons of OJ, 2 30 minutes meetings, and a lot of paperwork. But it’s good. I’m exhausted, but because of several experiences lately, I feel a sense of peace, like everything is falling into place exactly as it needs to, even though I don’t really see that picture yet or understand what it means. More than I have in a long time, I FEEL how much my Heavenly Father loves me and guides me and wants me to succeed. He didn’t leave me or any of us stranded on our journey here, He’s got a plan and I trust Him! I love this life I have, and I love the reasons I have to celebrate, even if it is my own made up day!

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