Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Beautiful Day

I was FINALLY able to reschedule my vacation from January. I will be going to Utah for General Conference!! Not only do I get to see some of my dearest friends, I get to go to conference (hello..another item off the bucket list!!). I'm so excited!

I saw something today on the way to church that made me COMPLETELY giddy! As we were driving, there were snow flurries!! Yes, S-N-O-W! Okay, so it turned right to water the second it hit the car, but I still saw snow. I have been asking for that for weeks and I got it, and the best part of clean up!

Church was AMAZING today. Testimony meetings are always wonderful and today was no exception! I felt the spirit so strongly. Much of the sentiment was about the stake's temple day on the 19th. I had such a great time - it felt just like heaven. It was so wonderful to see people we knew at every turn. One gentleman shared the experience he had as he found his recommend had expired and he was unable to go in to the temple and had to sit in the lobby while his wife went in. I can't imagine a worse feeling. It was a great parallel of how terribly sad it would be when we leave this life and find that some we love won't be permitted to enter His presence. No thanks! I want to be there - I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to live righteously. I want my family - present and future - to be there. I want my friends to be there. I want ALL of us to be there (is that too much to ask?)!

I don't always get to go to Sunday School. Sometimes I am a substitute for Primary. Some days I'm getting ready for singing time. But then there are times where I get to go. Today I got to step in for about 15 minutes. We have one of the best Gospel Doctrine teachers I've ever heard. Though I don't believe it went with the lesson exactly (you know how conversations stray a little bit), he said something that I just loved. My favorite quote of the day: "Any priesthood holder isn't worth a grain of salt if he doesn't put his wife on a pedestal and love her as the daughter of a king." All I have to say is, Amen! Thank you Brother McCullers! I must REMEMBER that (it goes both ways, you know?).

One last thing to note today. You know how sometimes you wake up and find a stray cat or dog, or a deer, or something on your property? Well, for the first time in my experience, we woke up to two horses. Mom fed them some breakfast and then they were off. Even though being close to horses (especially horses I don't know) makes me nervous (or downright scared...whatever), I went out and took pictures of them. One day I'll even take them off my camera. :)

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