Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Parable of the Puzzle

I heard one of the best talks in church today. They were all really wonderful and inspired, but one in particular hit me.
Before church, each person in the congregation was given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. When Brother Jones spoke, he asked everyone to look at their puzzle pieces to see if anyone was able to guess what the picture was of. Out of a 500 piece puzzle, you can imagine that with only one piece it couldn't be done. He brought out a couple ideas related to the puzzle.
First, you can have most of the pieces of the puzzle and can get an idea, or see most of, the picture, but it's not complete. He related it to the ward - we can have most of the people and the ward gets along, but we need everyone to make it complete and for it to function completely.
Second, each piece of the puzzle is different. Some are different shapes, sizes, and colors, but each one is an important part. The same with people...we are all different; different fingerprints, different DNA, etc., but we are each important to the Lord's church. We need each and every person.
I love doing puzzles. Every year I try to do at least one really big one. There is nothing more frustrating than to get the end of a huge puzzle only to find out that you are missing one or more pieces. Imagine the ward you are you have all of your pieces accounted for? Who is missing? Let's find the missing pieces and make sure that we have a complete picture.

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