Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jekyll Island

Last Saturday, Bradley and I went to Jekyll Island. He showed me around the island and I got to be a tourist for the day. I'm beginning to understand the idea of island life - clear blue skies, ocean views, and no worries (well, that's what I had...I'm sure it's different if you live there, at least every once in a while). It was the perfect day!

 We made it (amazing what an hour drive will do!).
 Mossy trees at the first place we went. You walk through this woodsy, picnic type area, down a small boardwalk and you see this...
 ...and this.
 Then you jump in the car and drive to the other side of the island and, if you're me - you take no pictures up close of the ocean. Instead, you remember to take pictures as you're washing your feet off at one of those handy water stations. *Make sure you push the button for the foot portion - not the shower part. I almost had a story to tell.* From here, you see these lovely palm trees.
 Afterwards we went to the historic district. We saw a little bit of everything, but I only took pics of a few things (note to my tourist self - take more pics!!) Here is the old hotel...
 And the rest of it.
 One of the other buildings - now another part of the hotel. 
We wandered inside and found this amazing winding staircase.
 Lovely natural archway over the sidewalk. I want one of these one day...this would be my thinking tree (like I need a tree...haha).
 Next stop was lunch - no pictures. Great little place totally hidden by tons of trees - you couldn't see it from the road. As a side note, I was feeling adventurous and ordered a fish sandwich. If you know me, you know that I do NOT like fish. It was surprisingly delicious. I'd probably do that again. :)

Last stop was Driftwood Beach. Amazing scenery. This is one of those places that you almost have to see to believe. The pictures just don't do it justice. 

 And, finally - the proof that I'm not making it up! We were there. Shout out to the friendly biker I stopped to take our picture. I'm pretty sure he was annoyed, but hey - I'm a tourist!

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