Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fast moving...

Two weekends ago we were able to move into our new apartment. It is just the cutest place ever! It is pretty quiet, came with excellent furniture and is just us. Lori completed two wedding cakes this past weekend...she is amazing. We are starting a new blognjust for our cakes. Stay tuned for that information. Back to fast moving...thanks to wonderful friends and our excellent packing ability, we moved out and into our new apartment in less than 3 hours. I have determined that I am officially an adult now as I rented and DROVE a U-haul (may not have been the nicest thing I have ever driven, but definitely the biggest...and I like it!).
Our move in paperwork contained a list of all the wards and which apartments/buildings attended which wards. Unfortunately management had the wrong took 3 tries to find our right ward. I walked in and met the bishopric, and met the RS president a few mintues later. Then the bishop came back and asked to talk to me. Oh, how naive I am. I thought it would be good news (well, it wasn't really bad news) and called me to be in the RS presidency. I kind of stood there dumbfounded. I had been there less than 10 minutes and already had a calling. This is a fast moving, get it done kind of ward and I am really excited to get here. Hopefully we keep loving it. Pictures of our new place, and info of the cake blog will be coming soon.

Also, today is Lori's birthday! We love you and are so excited you were born!

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