Friday, July 16, 2010


Every time I sit down to blog, one of two things happens. 1) Everything that I want to write about all of a sudden either doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem worth sharing/recording, or 2) I totally forget what I had planned to write about. I also love how right before I moved from Boston I said that my blog was going to have more substance and be worth reading. Well, I have decided to truly try to tackle that. I have also decided that I will record whatever I feel like recording because, well, it’s my blog. (I also think I may have said that before, but it must be worth repeating if it keeps coming up. That or I’m trying to convince myself…)

Some fun things that we have been doing here lately…Lori and I went to Lagoon on July 5th because we were both off work due to the fourth of July holiday. We went with two friends and we had a blast. I went on almost every single roller coaster, which is crazy because I’m not usually an adrenaline junky. Some of my favorites were the Rocket, Wicked, Colussus, and the Spider. Lori even conquered her fears and tackled a few! Lagoon also offers this great deal called bounceback. You can return to the park within 10 days for only $10! You better believe we took full advantage of it. We went back the following Saturday with another friend. We didn’t do as many rides, but we picked a few of our favorites, hung out for a few hours, and then headed home.

I found out that I must not pay very close attention to detail. I got an email on July 7th informing me that my jury duty for July 8th had been cancelled. What?!?!? I knew that I was called for Jury duty back in March and I postponed it because we were moving. I also figured that when I received the next notice, I could just tell them that I no longer lived in the state. Well, there was no second notice and I could have been in some serious trouble (what is the punishment for missing jury duty??). I must say, though, that I would have loved to have had a reason to be in Boston, even if it was for Jury Duty.

I’ve become really quite social. I’m really figuring out a lot about me and I love it. I’m also trying a lot more things that I wouldn’t do normally. I recently found out that I’m not half bad at Ultimate Frisbee. I am by no means good at it, and the people I was playing with weren’t too competitive, but it was a lot of fun. Because of my back (and a dislike of sports in general), I don’t usually attempt things like this, but I found out that I really do like it! Another thing on the list of things I’ve recently tried is elk jerky. I couldn’t look at it for too long before I made myself sick at the thought of it, but it really wasn’t that bad!

I have also recently rediscovered my love for the game of Monopoly. Some friends and I have started playing the past few nights. We play for an hour or so and leave it set up on the floor so we can finish it later. We have restarted the game once or twice because we had people leave and/or join, but it has been an absolute blast. It does have a down side because everyone I play with loves to stay up late and I am not tolerating it very well. I just don’t do well without sleep. Oh well, that’s what the weekend is for, right?

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