Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Light Blue

I have a new addiction...perfume. A week or so ago I went to Sephora to by a perfume. I knew which one I wanted; it was the same one Lori had when she came home (I know, I'm so unoriginal). That didn't stop me from testing a million others (or 7). I squirted, sprayed and sniffed until I had a headache and my eyes were watering. I made my purchase and left, quite pleased with my purchase. As I left and walked outside into the fresh air, I could smell something - something wonderful. It was at that moment that I thought I may have made the wrong choice because what I smelled was not what I had purchased.
I went home and told my mom about 'the other' perfume and I think she may have laughed at me for walking out of the store without getting the one I wanted. In my defense though, I could hardly see straight after testing so many others - I wasn't even entirely sure which one it was that I could still smell. Well, last Thursday I came home after being in the woods all day (ah, the good ol' days). I sat down to dinner and my mom asked if I was ready for a surprise. She handed me a bag, a Sephora bag. Inside was a new body wash; Chocolate Fudge Cake - I crave chocolate every morning now, and a perfume. Not just any perfume...

Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana
I am in love with this perfume! I love to put it on in the morning, I love to smell it throughout the day. I think I should have done this a long time ago!

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