Friday, September 18, 2009


It all started exactly one week ago today. My parents went out of town on a wonderful vacation to Georgia. I didn't go because 1 - I had no vacation time left, 2 - I just got back from a vacation, 3 - someone had to watch the dog.
On Saturday I was going to clean the house and go for a bike ride. Well, I woke up and it was pouring rain (actually, it started Friday and just never stopped). That caused the whole 'go for a bike ride' idea to be washed away (clever, huh?). So, I decided that I would do some baking to fill in the gaps of time. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and came home. I started cooking/baking at 2:00 pm; I didn't finish until 9:something. I was completely exhausted when I finished and decided that the dishes could most definitely wait until morning; there goes the cleaning part of my day.
Sunday came, I went to church, was invited to dinner and agreed to attend a meeting. After church, I went home to do the dishes (okay, so I missed morning entirely on that one), made lunch, sat down to work on some ideas for primary, finished up my dessert and left. In the mix of everything and a great time, I lost all track of time and I missed the meeting I'd agreed to.
Monday morning I started a bit behind schedule because of the dog. At the end of the day I rushed home because it was the first day of school - I had to return a movie to the store, make dinner, feed the dog and take him for a walk and make it to school - all in an hour. My class started at 6:30 - I think I walked in at 6:30:30 (that's seconds, not a typo). I got out an hour early and was excited because I could get home and do my homework first thing. But when I got home the dog needed me. So, being the good human that I am (he trained me to be this way), I put my books away and played with him before retiring to bed.
Tuesday morning turned out to be the almost the exact same schedule, but instead of class at night I had another meeting (which I made it to, still not sure how; perhaps because it made it into my planner). I came home to an interesting situation (a post for another time) which caused me to not be able to 1 - do my homework, again; 2 - clean up the ongoing mess I'd made; 3 - work out (and I needed my workout for my sanity after the craziness of those few days).
Wednesday finally arrived - the homecoming day! I made it home at lunch to put dinner on in the crock pot (whoever invented the crock pot...genius!). It was a good thing I did too, because I had to go straight to the airport after work. We got everybody home and fed and started to reorganize our lives, slowly but surely. Mom and dad brought back two big bags of fresh peanuts which we boiled that night. I haven't had boiled peanuts in years and boy were they good! While we were waiting for the peanuts to finish I realized that I had some free time on my hands, so I sat down to do my homework. I should have known that it would never happen if I sat down in the living room, but I sat, and no homework was accomplished; and trust me, there is a great excuse for that, too.
Luckily, Thursday rolled around and, would you believe it? I got almost everything done that I planned. Homework - check. Clean up - check. Work out - check.
And my excuse?? R-O-U-T-I-N-E!!!

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