Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl's Camp

Last year at this time I was up at Girl's Camp cooking up a storm. We had a blast! It was a ton of work but was so worth it. I don't think there are many things that I have enjoyed more. This year, though, I didn't go for three reasons.
1) I used all of my vacation time to go and see Lori
2) I wasn't actually planning on still being in this state
3) I have a H-U-G-E work meeting next week that I am organizing
(There is sort of a 4th and that is, I wasn't sure I could tempt fate enough to get cool weather - it's been a hot week; we had gorgeous cool weather last year)
So, even though I had 3 fairly valid reasons (and 1 not entirely valid but totally truthful reason) I still felt like I was missing out. I never, ever, ever liked going to girl's camp when I was 'supposed' to go, so to be missing it is a pretty big deal. I did, however, take some time yesterday (and a half day off work, hehe) and go up for the afternoon. I couldn't believe how much I missed it; I didn't want to leave. These young women and their leaders are AWESOME! So, needless to say, I am already making plans now to somehow be involved again next year - I refuse to miss it!

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