Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring - a new start

This has been the best week or so, ever. I was going through a really rough spell, lots of questions and concerns, but I've gotten through most of everything (or at least said it out loud - that helps a lot), and now life is just FANTASTIC! I feel like I am finally back to my normal, happy-go-lucky self. I have been coming home extremely giddy and happy. I have been on a couple of shopping sprees (okay, so that doesn't really help my savings account, but I claim 'I needed it', and I think I did). When I was in Utah, Lori and I went dress shopping and I had in mind the type of dress I was looking for. I wanted something with both pink and white, I wanted it to look spring-like, and something just cute and fun. We looked all over the store and I never found 'the dress'. On Friday, I actually left the office at lunch time and went to the little shopping center about 2 miles from work. I went in and was looking spefically for a new shirt to wear with a skirt that I have had for a while when it happened. I got drawn into the dress area when I saw one with polka dots on it and then I saw it - MY SPRING DRESS!! It was like they knew I was coming. They had my size on the end of the rack even. I went and tried it on and fell completely in love. Of course, I had to go buy a new pair of shoes to match my dress, but it was all completely worth it. I am already planning on wearing it on Thursday and I plan on having pics taken of it. Happy Spring to me! (Wow - how self-centered; note to self - work on self-centeredness)
Anyway, the world is once again good and I am looking forward to everything that is coming my way.

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