Sunday, March 1, 2009

Utah - day 2

What an incredible day. Saturdays are almost always the best days anyways, but it was especially fun to be able to spend it with Lori. She was super excited because she didn't have to work at all. We had a great day together. It started with making yummy breakfast and getting ready for the day. We finished eating and decided to get going. We had big plans for the day. Lori had to do some homework for her interiors class at the mall so we started there; definitely an interesting place. Then we decided that we needed just a few things at Costco (go figure, her day off and we still end up there). After we were finished there we had planned to go straight to Salt Lake, but then we realized we had stuff that needed to either be refrigerated or frozen, so back to the apartment we came. We got home and unloaded (and felt like we needed a nap) and one of her roommates was there and getting ready to go home so we took her with us and dropped her off on our way out to Salt Lake.
This is when the true adventure began. As we were driving we started thinking about all of the places that we used to go to when we lived here. We started by driving through downtown Salt Lake to see where some things were and then we headed toward North Salt Lake - the land of our childhood. We drove up a hill to a playground we used to play at.
We went swinging,

I went down the slide once
and we spun on this funny tilted spinny thing. We don't know what to call it other than fun - any ideas???

We even captured a few videos for your viewing pleasure...

We took so many pictures of us out there; it felt just like being little kids again.
After the park we drove through the parking lot of the church that we learned to ride our bikes in; it's funny how much smaller it seemed yesterday than it did 10+ years ago. We drove by our old house and were amazed to find how great it looked. The last time I visited and drove by the house I was disappointed that it looked so sad, but whoever lives there now has really done some great redesigning to the house. I almost didn't recognize it, but it was gorgeous (the pic doesn't do it justice).

We drove up through this incredibly beautiful community called Eagle Wood. They started construction on the development when we lived there, but they have REALLY been growing; it seems like it goes on forever.
We even made it to THE frozen custard shop that we went to when we were younger - still as amazing as ever (and yes, there is actually a picture to go with this, too).

Once we were finished eating we drove back by the former house to take a picture and then it was back into Salt Lake for a quick lunch. We went to Crown Burger - it is possible that they make THE best burgers EVER! (Please note the authentic fry sauce on the bottom - delish!)

Thankfully we split one so we could enjoy the rest of the adventures of the day. We left Crown Burger and started to make our way back down to Provo. We did have one more stop though, and that was to pick up Lori's roommate. It was such a fun drive, a little bit of 'I was right and you were wrong', and a whole lot of laughter. I got to meet her roommates family - they were so great. They invited us in and fed us soup and hot rolls! It was perfect for the stupid cold that I am fighting. We made it back to Provo around 7:30 and I was done; it was time for jammies for me, but Lori made M&M cookies for today (we're having an awesome party for desserts and friends - should really be a great time.) We started a movie and that was pretty much where my night ended (as usual). It was an awesome Saturday and we are excited for today!
I guess it doesn't really matter what we do, just as long as we're together!

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