Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking forward to...

I thought now was as good a time as any to list what I am REALLY looking forward to in the next several weeks:
1 - Ortho appointment: 1 week from today - only 6-8 weeks until I get my retainers, the end is near :)
2 - Thanksgiving: 1 week from tomorrow - we are having friends over for dinner and my 'brothers' get to spend the day with us. We'll probably even be putting up our Christmas decorations too.
3 - 4 day weekend: begins Thanksgiving day - who needs a vacation when you can have 4 day weekends?
4 - Christmas: 5 weeks from tomorrow - OBVIOUS
5 - Lori comes HOME!: also 5 weeks from tomorrow - WOO HOO!!
6 - Christmas shutdown: 8 days off - who wouldn't love it?

I think that's my list as of this moment. I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

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